Time is more liquid, less linear, than you think


Dear Empath, 

How's it going over there? 

Are you feeling the pull of a myriad different projects and responsibilities clamoring for your attention? 

I sure am. 

When I let my to-do list dominate my reality I find it's all too easy to live five steps out ahead of myself instead of letting the present moment guide my actions.

When I'm living so far outside of myself like this, the quality of my life takes a nose-dive.

Within this pattern, I live in a constant state of low-grade, and sometimes not so low-grade, anxiety. 

Even when I bring a task to completion it's not satisfying because I'm already racing on to the next.

And this happens even when I love everything I have on my plate. 

A tell-tale sign that I'm in hurry-up mode is the thought, "there's not enough time," starts cycling through my brain.  

Currently I am resonating with a giant heap of Yeses: 

Finish my fun, eclectic quilt!

Create informative how-to Energy Checking videos!

Read ALL THE BOOKS on racial justice!

Spend time with every dear friend!

Write my reflections from my trip to Alabama!


I notice that I pressure myself to bring each and every one of these wide-sweeping projects into reality, yesterday. 

This doesn't work. 

And it stresses me out. 

Just to state the obvs. 

So here's a tip I'm working on with myself these days: 

When something resonates as a Yes, I need to ask about the timing in which it is to happen, then adjust my expectations. 

As in,

Am I to attend to this Yes right now? 

If you ask this question, you may be surprised by the answer. 

You can also ask:  

Is the timeline for me completing this task / project / idea more gracious than I realize?  

Again, perhaps another surprising answer.

We needn't feel as rushed as we often do. 

We deserve to savor doing the things we love. 

You can ask Energy about the timeline for a particular project rather than being continually burdened by expectations that aren't even grounded in Reality.

This makes things sooooooo much easier!

Turns out, time is much more fluid than we realize. 

Isn't that relieving to know!? 


This summer I had the chance to spend a week with my mentor / dear friend / spiritual connecter-upper / perfection-finder / second mom, Carole Dickson.

For the first time in my life—miracle of miracles—I was calm enough on the inside that our time together was not dominated by attending to my critical inner work.

Instead, we used the spaciousness we found ourselves in to spend hours in recorded conversation, most of which was me interviewing Carole about her big picture perspective of this work we do with Energy.  

I'm in the process of listening to these recordings and turning the insights she offered into lessons and exercises for the upcoming 30-Day Energy Checking Intensive that will help you anchor into the knowing that Love is always there for you, offering direction in every nanosecond of your life. 

As I re-listen to this material have been sitting with these questions:

What are the things that help move me to the place where I KNOW that Love is the core of my being?

What does life look like when I live from THAT place? 

It is from this foundation of being loved up and leaning into that love that the kinds of questions you ask of Energy start to blow the doors of what you think is possible wide open.

I would not be living in Colorado, married to this wonderful man in my life, doing things I love, having the courage to say No to things that are solely directed by other's (and my own) expectations of me, without the guidance of Energy.

Truly, in the way I am currently manifesting my divine design in the world, I am unrecognizable to myself of 10 years ago.

It is miraculous. 

Yet I can trace back the decisions, the leaps of faith that led me here. 

Each moment that I was able to step into the unknown moved me closer to crafting a life that beautifully fits the contours of my soul.

This was possible because I trusted the promptings of my spirit as being real, because I had mounting lived experience that it was. 

By living from this spiritual reality I came to understand the blessings of the life that I am actually living rather than lamenting how life & situations turned out (and keep turning out) so differently than I expected. 

I have come to realize that the divine energies that guide and shape my life are constantly setting things up in such a way that drives me toward discovering the most easeful, joyful and impactful way for me to live in this constantly shifting illusion of a world. 

Turning to divine guidance is the surest footing there is. 

This is something you can learn to do as well. 

I am boiling down the best of what I know and have been taught into this upcoming intensive.

The videos and lessons will be yours to keep after the program ends so you can continue to work with the material and integrate these new skills and way of being into your day-to-day life.

Think of this 30-day program as a way to jump-start the acquisition of skills that will allow you to cut through the lies that have kept you from living your divine design here on earth.  

Next week I'll share with you one of the exercise lessons of the 30-Day Energy Checking Intensive.

It comes from my conversation with Carole where we explore how to have an experience of stepping out of the anxiety producing rush of linear time.

It's going to bring you so much calm.  


Much love, 


Kathryn LucatelliComment