Joy is an access point to the revolutionary river


Dear Empath, 


True story:

During our week together this summer, Carole turns to me and says, "honey, there's something for you at Goodwill. See if you get a Yes to going there today..."

And off we head.

Thrift stores are one of our favorite places to play with Energy Checking.

You know how finding something awesome in a thrift store can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack?

Using Energy cuts through overwhelm and streamlines the process, leading you directly to THE THING YOU ARE MEANT TO HAVE without needlessly expending your own energy looking through every single item. 

Energy led me to this amazing embroidered dress. FIVE DOLLARS! I mean...

I love it so much I could easily wear it every day as my new uniform. 

Here's a peek into my own process of playing with Energy Checking among the racks:

Once I'm inside the store, I start using questions to hone in on a particular spot: is there something for me over here? (focusing my intention on a general area) Yes. (I get more specific) On this rack? Yes. (I take a look) Really? Because I don't see it. Am I to look again? Yes. Oh! This? Yes. Oh wow, that IS good! 

Now you try it! Give yourself an opportunity to play with Energy Checking in your local thrift store. 

Send me a picture of your own ADORABLE SELF with the treasure you were led to by Energy and tell me what the process was like for you. 

Playing with Energy Checking in this lighthearted way helps you gain confidence and trust in the tool.

It strengthens your capacity to be able to better step into the unknown with deep reliance on your ability to receive trustworthy answers as you begin asking the questions that carry more weight for you. 


Moment of transparency. 

Here's the thing: in the midst of everything being triggered by nation-wide conversations in the US  that put on display the deep misogyny embedded in our society, I questioned including this story today.

So I went to my center to get clear on what to do.

Here is the knowing that came to me: rooting more deeply into feminine ways of being, guided by Energy, that reinforce my joy, IS a radical way to be a part of the revolutionary river* that is carrying history forward.

(* "revolutionary river" is taken from Michelle Alexander's debut NY Times column) 

Every time I lean into the power of dear intimate friendships; each time I live in the simple wonderment of being guided to something perfect for me; each time I trust the Yes that is coming through me even though my mind tells me something contrary, I am reminded that I am not alone, that I am held and cherished and encouraged by LOVE itself as I continue along my path.

My very being is often an affront to the prevailing masculine perspective of how the world works. Just being, within my authentic knowing, IS a REVOLUTIONARY act.

So I'm here to say this: 

Being led to something wonderful by a force beyond you is a soul strengthening moment, not a trivial matter. 

And we need moments like these more than ever right now. 

As empaths we so deeply resonate with the pain of all that is broken in our world and its grave implications.

More than ever we need to be anchored into soul-nourishing joy that allows us to carry on, full-force, impacting this world just by being our vibrant, true selves.

"Joy gives us wings! In times of joy our strength is more vital, our intellect keener, and our understanding less clouded. We seem better able to cope with the world and to find our sphere of usefulness. But when sadness visits us we become weak, our strength leaves us, our comprehension is dim and our intelligence veiled. The actualities of life seem to elude our grasp, the eyes of our spirits fail to discover the sacred mysteries, and we become even as dead beings."         



Now, as promised, here is an exercise to help you step out of the rush of linear time.

I'm finding this exercise particularly helpful as I feel the urgency of wanting society to change NOW, which makes me frantic and strips me of my power and vitality.

From this place of timelessness I can connect to the next right action I am called to take and buoy myself with the knowing that within my truth, within the grace of Love, all is well.

This meditation comes from the conversations I recorded with Carole this summer.

It is an example of the lessons that are a part of the upcoming 30-Day Energy Checking Intensive.

For those of you just tuning in, the exercise below is part 2 of the letter I sent out last week. You can read it here

My observation of Carole is that she lives inside this timeless, liquid moment. It's how she was able to receive the inspiration that there was something awesome waiting for me at Goodwill! 

Exercise: Stepping out of the rush of linear time into liquid time. 


Lay down somewhere comfortable. Take a deep breath and focus on going into your center.

When you’re working with Energy, time becomes very liquid.

Time seems lineal in the physical world because it is.

That’s how we constructed it.

The dynamic in this world is that things are either coming together or they are coming apart.

Everything in the physical realm is urgent and in crisis.

In this realm time is always a factor.
As a result of being raised by parents and teachers who moved at varying rates of speed, we find ourselves always out of sync: we’re either going too slow or too fast as we try to pace ourselves with someone else in this physical realm.
But when you move into your center place, time is languid and you can feel yourself moving at your own perfect pace.

In your center there is enough time for any question to be asked and for any understanding to be explained.

This space is constantly available to you.

You don’t have to match up schedules to find a time to have a rendezvous with Essence.

It’s closer than your life vein, always there for you.

Take another deep breath.  Feel external anxiety melt away as you come into your own center.

Taking a deep breath informs your system that you’re not in crisis.

If there were a crisis, you wouldn’t be able to deeply breathe.

By taking a deep breath everything dials down.

You step outside of the rush of anxiety and have time to process.

Taking a deep breath changes the toll that moving through time and space takes on a body that is always under such tremendous pressure and stress.
To feel into your own rhythm, you need to be relaxed and safe.

Know that Love is wanting to explain the situation to you.

Love is wanting to help you see the perfection in what is.

Love is wanting to come to assist you in whatever is to happen next.

Energy orchestrates everything around everything.

Energy is always there.

Energy is assessing the situation from all angles.

Energy is calling toward it what will help.

You are not in this alone. 

Forces are rushing to your aid. 
One of the things anxiety signals is that we are out of sync with our own timing and the knowledge that assistance is there for us.
Going to your center and living from that calm place changes the rate at which you move through time and space.

It changes the quality of every moment.

You become more receptive to inspiration. 

It changes the quantity of what you are facing too.

Energy strips everything down to a single moment so you only need to attend to one thing at a time, rather than being overwhelmed by all of it, even things that are inspiring!

Go into your center to experience the perfect pace that things are unfolding for you.

From this place of relaxed safety, ask to be shown your next right action.
Stay in this lanquid, time out of time state for as long as you would like.


Much love, 


Kathryn Lucatelli