Hi! I’m Kathryn Lucatelli.


I mentor highly sensitive, spiritually oriented women who want to live powerfully within their own truth.



I believe your most significant contributions come from this place of being, where the world around you is transformed by your very presence.


Are you ready to access your inner GPS?

I help highly-sensitive women who are DONE with saying YES all the time, access their inner GPS, so they can trust themselves, navigate decisions from their true selves, honor their unique gifts and build a joyful and sustainable life.

The world is in need of your gifts, even though the world can be slow to recognize them. That's why YOU need clear vision. 

Here's the thing: you feel the truth of energy in any given moment. This continuous strand of incoming information can be confusing because often, the energy you receive doesn't match what a situation is presenting on the surface. Us empaths are likely to blame ourselves as being the source of the discordance. Why am I not into this like everyone else? Why can't I get with the program? 

We are designed to have a genuine response to the core of a thing and when that genuine response is at odds with what's happening, or expected on the surface, it is uncomfortable. It takes practiced discernment to sort out where all the information is coming from. Is this emotion/energy mine, someone else's, or is it being projected on to me? 

Without knowing what feelings are yours and what feelings are coming from someone else, you can end up doing the work of others and miss out on doing YOUR work, the work that only YOU can do.

Hooking up with something that affirms the truth of what you feel and allows you to untangle all the strands of incoming information is critical. Otherwise, it is easy to miss-attribute things to yourself that are not yours.


For instance: the enthusiasm you felt about organizing the upcoming community potluck fades the moment you walk in your own door after the committee meeting. You wonder, "Hmm...why do I feel so stressed about this task now, it seemed like a good idea a minute ago?" You check in to see if this service is your divine assignment and get a resounding No. And then it dawns on you, "Ah! I wasn't feeling my enthusiasm, I was feeling others' eagerness for me to take up this task!"


Without knowing what feelings are yours and what feelings are coming from someone else, you can end up doing the work of others and miss out on doing YOUR work, the work that only YOU can do. Failing to make this distinction grows feelings of resentment that seem to intensify without cause and you end up telling yourself you just need to be more spiritual, more generous, more active. Ugh. 

This puts us in cycles of trying harder, stepping further outside of ourselves and slipping into performance, rather than living authentically from our core. 

Empaths are like human sponges. We soak it all up. So we need to learn ways to be in our own experience, distinguish between what is ours and what is someone else's so we can navigate our lives based on accurate information grounded in the kindness of reality. Similarly, if we take up work on a problem that isn't ours, the work we do on it will be ineffectual. You can't directly change what isn't yours. You have to learn to release it.  

Coming home to yourself and learning how to take care of yourself and your gift is one of the hardest things to do as an empath, because we're natural givers. When you are living from your core and attending to your work; when you learn to use your gifts in service to yourself and others, your very presence creates transformation. You are of service to others just by being. This, my friend, is a sustainable way to live. 

To do this, you need to be able to converse with the source of truth that has access to the full picture and your highest interest at heart. This Energy operates within love so you are never force bloomed. These loving, growth producing conversations require trust in your ability to receive precise, tangible and undeniable answers. This is something you can practice and learn. Over time, these conversations teach you the truth about yourself and the situations you are in. You come to understand that who you are in your core is perfect. When you start making decisions from that place of understanding, each decision you make contributes to forming a life that supports your flourishing and your ability to shine your unique gift in the world.

This is what I teach. I want you to have access to this magic so I've shared a video below that will teach you how to get started practicing this right away. But before you watch, if you are indeed a highly sensitive one, my strong recommendation is that you start by grounding, centering and shielding. I've created a meditation with an expressive arts exercises to help you do just that. 

Are you ready to set some boundaries for yourself?

Because your body is the receiver of the truth, you need to make sure that you're in your body and centered in your own knowing. Good boundaries are also super critical to accessing your own truth. These modes of being do not come naturally to empaths. Nor does having a way to shield yourself from incoming information that is not relevant to the task at hand. It's super helpful to have a way to quiet the noise. So grab your FREE gift, Take Charge of Your Empathy: Live Connected and Protected and get grounded, centered and shielded first and then bop back over here. 

I find this skill of connecting with one's own truth to be so fundamental, that I require an understanding of it and willingness to practice it before working with anyone one-on-one. When you are connected to accessing your own truth, our sessions together become a consultation with Energy. You don't just take in what I say, you run it through your own filter to see if it is true for you in this now moment. And because we are both actively engaged in the process, we get to the truth more quickly. 

Okay exquisitely sensitive one, have you grounded, centered and shielded yourself? Excellent! You are ready to learn how to Energy Check! This skill will serve you for your whole life! 

In this video you will learn what Energy Checking is, different ways you can do it, as well as some beginning exercises to practice. Let's get started! 

Are you ready to learn more about Energy Checking? Watch the video!