What to do when you're paralyzed by your floordrobe


Dear Empath,

Had you been peeking into my life last week, here's what you would've seen. Let's pretend you were also narrating.

She's up! Aww...her husband made her breakfast. Oh, now she's driving him to the bus stop. Wow, that's early...6:45am. Oh nice, she's walking with a friend. Geez! Those mountains. What a view! Okay, she's headed home. Probably to get started on some work...oop! Aaannd...she's back in bed.

Now, despite what this looks like, flopping back into bed wasn't a defeatist move. It was me implementing my NEW PLAN.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have been living soooooo far outside myself. I am still working on slowing it all down. And by "it", I mean all the things that are going on in my head. I notice that when I mentally race ahead of myself, I actually get very little done outside my head. You know, like actual things in the real world.

Have you noticed this pattern in yourself too?

Rather than try to fix the world with my anxiety riddled thoughts (I know, it seems like that should work, right?) I opted to lay down and get still. Rather than racing forward in my head, I waited to see what I was prompted to do next.

As I lay there, instead of cycling through all the things I think I needed to do, I noticed that what I wanted was a bowl of soup. So I got up and had a bowl of soup.

Then I thought, "the laundry needs to be done...I can put all these clothes in this basket." And I did.


Doing this turned the whole thing around for me, folks.

I noticed the difference that taking one, straightforward, simple action made. It was so different from the ramifications of staying with my worried thoughts,"OMG. The laundry needs to be done. There is so much laundry. AHHHHHH…If I don’t do the laundry we’ll have arrived squarely at that needing-to-hand-wash-underwear-for-tomorrow-crisis-point. AGAIN."

As I gathered up my floordrobe the fog that had held me hostage inside myself started to dissipate. This simple action allowed my gears to begin to re-engage. Making forward tangible progress possible again.

Such a relief.

And I know what you're thinking. "Kathryn, when I'm all up in my head, I can't even hear what wants to happen next." I get it.

That's why you'll need to let go before trying the laying-back-down-in-bed process. It was the thing that calmed me enough to be able to listen for what wanted to happen next.

I let go of the things that had gotten me so wound-up in the first place.

Namely, the expectations and goals I had attached myself to. I had become fixated on things happening a certain way, in a certain timeframe.

So before the relieving soup-getting and laundry-doing experience, I released my expectations. I loosened my attachment to things going a certain way for me. I've documented the process I took myself through so you can give it a try too.



Identify what it is you want to have happen. What are you expecting to happen that did not? What goal have you set before yourself that is causing you stress? What are you believing you HAVE to do or HAS to happen for you to be okay?

Then ask the following questions of Energy. See what answer Energy gives you through a tangible sign in your body.


Is what I want a desire that has been placed in my heart by the Divine?

Identify how and when you expect this thing to happen.

Will it come about in the way I have imagined?


Even though this effort has not come to fruition yet, is it a worthy effort?

Is it still unfolding?

Am I to detach from how and when it will happen?

Can I rest into a longer timeline of its unfolding?

What is perfect about this extended timeline?


Am I to continue working toward this goal?

Am I in charge of the outcomes?

Notice what it feels like in your body when you give yourself more time to accomplish your goals.

Continue asking Energy questions about any other anxiety that pops up for you.


Take the time to ask Energy these questions. Your perspective on the matter will shift and create a little more calm.

Here's a summary of the process:

LET GO: Ask Energy questions that help you detach from your ego story of what is unfolding.

LAY DOWN: Surrender to what is wanting to come through you.

LISTEN: What next right action are you prompted to take?

LEARN: Follow the simple instructions that come through you. Even if they differ from your mind's idea of what needs to happen next!

Energy Checking delivers the most profound insights when you feel safe and held and trust that all is well. You can feel this ever-present guidance even when you aren't able to do All. The. Things.

I know, I know. Not being able to get to all the things makes me feel vulnerable too. As long as we do all the things we can keep believing we're in control and can make damn sure all is well, right?! Alas, and Hallelujah, there is so much more for us beyond this narrow vision of our lives.

Energy Checking helps you learn to live from a surrendered space. All this and more will be covered in the 30-Day Energy Checking Intensive.

Okay, now for your gift! I recorded the meditation I shared in the last email and also talked about here. Once you go through the above exercises to release the how and when of your vision, you can more easily experience time as liquid. Rest into knowing that forces are coming to your aid. They are rushing in to help arrange things much more wonderfully than our limited minds can conceive. The words of the meditation come from a conversation with my dear friend, Carole Dickson.

So find a comfortable spot, lay down and treat yourself to >>> THIS FREE GUIDED MEDITATION <<< You can access it right here with a simple click. Enjoy!

Much love,


Kathryn Lucatelli