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one-on-one workshop

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One-on-one workshop

You’re smart, you’re capable, you do all the things.

People rely on you for insights and wisdom and you feel confident supporting them.

But hold up. While you are quite good at managing ALL THE THINGS, let’s be honest: there are simply TOO MANY THINGS.

And while you have a gift for reassuring others that they are supported by a kind Universe and surrounded by Love, when it comes to KNOWING this for yourself, weeeeellll....let’s just say you have your doubts.

You’re tired. You’re definitely not as joyful as you used to be. And quite frankly, you feel worn out.

But never mind that, you’ve resolved to try harder, dig deeper and see if you can’t add just *one* more thing to your juggling routine. You continue to cheer others on while wishing you could feel some of that goodness yourself.

 Guess what: You are not meant to hold it all together.


Really, I assure you, you are not meant to.

Yes, you have an important part, but it is a very particular part, and it is certainly not ALL. THE. PARTS.

Two things happen when you believe YOU are the one holding it all together:

1.     you never get to replenish, because if you take a break, who’s holding it all together?

2.     It is easy to get overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS, because you don’t give yourself access to the bigger picture.

You are meant to have periods of rest when you are not ON in a visible, tangible way.

You are meant to respond to guidance, not make up the whole plan yourself.

Take the heart, for instance. When the heart is not pumping blood out, it is taking a break. But not the kind of break that we equate with laziness. It is now known that during its “downtime,” the heart is actually in an intense energy-driven state. It is doing important work. The heart actually spends more time doing this intense energy/resting/consolidation work than it does in its pumping/expansion work.

The fact of the matter is you ARE working all the time, but rather than working harder, continuously increasing your visible tangible output, you need to increase your replenishing being time, to bring BALANCE so that each kind of work compliments the other and is fruitful.

Now, how exactly do you bring balance to your movement and your stillness? And how do you know WHAT movement is the right movement for right now and what kind of stillness will truly be replenishing?

There is a part of you that knows.

Maybe you are used to relying on your brilliant-but-limited brain to figure out what to do—certainly a popular modality in our intellectual culture! But I’d like to remind you that that’s not the only way of knowing or getting an answer to a deep question.

We all have many inherent sources for taking in information: Your body, through five different senses. Your brain, through rational meaning-making. Your emotions, through feelings (yours or others’ around you). Your spirit, through attunement to your God-connected essence.

And while we’re here, let’s just talk about your spirit being a potent resource for information, shall we? It has the capacity to plug into Source Energy—call it God, the Universe, WHATEVER—and this utterly loving entity knows your design and your situation intimately. It wants to help and it has your best interest at heart, always. You know this.

Guidance comes through these pathways ALL THE TIME—we just have to learn, or remember how, to tune in. We so easily forget.

Here’s the thing: When we expect a certain answer, our minds easily figure out a way to make that answer match our expectations. (Thanks brain!) However, when you ask a question and receive a tangible answer through your body, with information connected to all the ways of knowing—especially spirit!—there is less of a chance for your brain or even your intuition to jump in and talk you into or out of something.

When you tap into this multi-layered guidance, you know your next right step. It may not be the step you were expecting to take, but it is the step that has your best interest at heart. You will have clarity about whether it is time to act or time to energetically consolidate, so you are able to give your most potent offering when the time is right.

Now is the time to connect to YOUR Inner GPS and learn how to receive the information it has for you. You weren’t designed to go it alone and you don’t have to.

This one-on-one workshop is designed to be light and playful to give you an experience of connection with your inner GPS. Perhaps you've already taken the free Energy Checking Mini Course, but it's still not clicking for you. It's time for some one-on-one accompaniment. Sometimes there are blocks that keep us from trusting what our body is able to natural do. Together, we can work through those blocks and get you connected. 

People often respond with surprise and delight when their guidance system clicks on. You will come away knowing there is a guiding energy that is always there for you to lean into. You will be forever changed after having an experience of Energy being RIGHT, in the most personal, intimate and gentle way. You will start to get curious about what else you could ask; you will wonder about the other ways you can tap into your guidance to make arduous things easier. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say, some easy things are more arduous. But it’s the kind of arduousness that grows your integrity and a sense of self that has agency over its life and grows into a powerful force for change. Arduousness well spent.

And, as you deepen your trust with one spot-on experience with Energy after the next, asking for guidance on both the most mundane and profound questions becomes your first nature.

How would your life change if you KNEW how to navigate from your own GPS? How would your day go differently if you KNEW that any given task was the exact one that you are meant to do next? What would it mean to your inner world if you knew the hard thing you were doing was the very thing that was strengthening your soul? Because its doppelgänger is the hard thing that is not yours and has no benefit to you. How would all this add up in your life?

In our 90-minute session, I will facilitate your connection to a honest experience of connecting with Source Energy.

Two weeks after our initial session, we’ll have a 30-minute follow-up call, so you can reflect on your practice with this tool and get support around any questions that come up for you.

One-on-one workshop

Investment: $250 (limit one workshop per client)

Energy Checking Accompaniment

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Energy checking accompaniment

This is for the person who is jamming along with Energy Checking in their own life, and hits a snag. You're getting both yeses and noes and you can't make heads or tails of it. This usually means there is another question that needs to be asked. We will enter into spiritual consultation, each of us doing our own Energy Checking to get to the bottom of the question you have brought to the session. I will use all the tools I have in my service to assist you in dissolving untruths you carry within yourself and allowing you to come into a different perspective about your current situation that invites possibility. These 60 min accompaniment sessions are what my clients credit most with their own advancement with Energy Checking. It can make all the difference to have this mirroring in building your own skill set. 

Investment: $250

Package of 3 sessions: $675

OPTION 3: Flower Essence Formulation Session

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Flower essence formulation session

You’ve blocked out an hour of time. You’ve got a cup of your favorite tea. We settle in and start talking about how you’re feeling right now: emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. We talk about the states of being you want to call in; the things you’d like more support around and the shifts you’d like to make. Then I start picking out individual flower essences using Energy Checking and a head full of 9 years of flower essence study. We talk about the individual essences as they come up. The archetypal description of each essence stirs a knowing inside of you. It feels good to put language to the vague feelings and tired patterns you’re ready to stop playing out. The awareness wakes you up. I keep selecting essences and we keep discussing them until the remedy is complete. You do your own Energy Checking to guide the process. We hang up the phone and soon after, you receive a PDF that describes all the flowers in your unique remedy. You take your time reading it and your awareness of where you are and what is possible grows. Three days later an adorable care package arrives in the mail FOR YOU. In it is the bottle of your unique flower essence remedy, instructions on how to take it, what to expect as your being responds to the flower essences and a DIY art project that helps you reflect on where you currently are so you can track the ways you shift over the next month of daily doses of this vibrational medicine. And a love note. There’s always a love note.

Investment: $157 (available only as an add on to a package of 3 energy checking accompaniment sessions)

Energy Checking
30-Day Intensive

Work With Me 3.jpg

Energy checking 30-day intensive

This is a focused time to take your energy checking skills to the next level. You've been playing with this tool and have had some success with it, but you often forget to use it when you need it most. Spend 30 days immersed in practicing Energy Checking with short daily, videos to build your skill, plus one-on-one and group support to take your skills to the Unraveling-Divine-Mysteries level. This is where it really gets fun. 

It includes:

  • 2 one-on-one 55 minute sessions
    • Individualized support to work through the blocks that keep you from wholeheartedly trusting the information you receive and refine the questions you ask. When you master the art of asking the questions that LOVE has for you, you’re 90% there.


  • Custom flower essences remedy if indicated
    • We’ll both Energy Check to see if it is in your system’s highest interest to be supported by Flower Essences right now. If not, you’ll receive a voucher to use at a later time when Flower Essences would be JUST THE THING. See Option 3 for more information. 


  • 2 60-min group classes via Zoom video
    • These are open Q&A sessions. So bring your questions, bring your stories of victory, bring your challenges and I'll get to as many questions as I can. You’ll be joined by folks who have previously done the 30-day intensive so you can learn from people who are a little further down the path of using Energy Checking in their own lives. These calls don’t have a structured teaching element. Bring your questions and celebrations and we’ll take it from there!


  • Access to 120 minutes of one-on-one support during office hours
    • This flexible structure allows you to get Energy Checking accompaniment on the fly when you’re in the midst of a real-life situation. It’s like training wheels that steady you in your real world application of Energy Checking. No question too small, no question too big! (well, it might be too big, but we can break it down and figure it out, easy!) You’ll have 6 20-min opportunities to hop on the phone with me while you’re at the grocery store deciding what to make for dinner, determining the right dosage for your supplements, wondering whether it's in your highest interest to call that person back or trying to Energy Checking your way out of a downward spiral of negativity and anxiety. 


  • Short video lessons delivered on each of the 30 days to build your skill and confidence with this tool. 
    • These will be rolled out daily and are yours to keep to refer to later as you continue with your Energy Checking journey.


  • Trouble-shooting guide to help you move through some of the most common sticking points people experience as they begin Energy Checking. 


Next 30 day intensive starting:

  • October 22 — November 20

Investment introductory price of $1,000

This introductory offer is 50% of the value of the elements if purchased individually. Reach out if you'd like to secure your spot with a $500 deposit. I'm just admitting a handful of people into this intensive and it's the last time I'll offer this rate. 

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