It's like handling all the travel logistics to arrive at your place of pilgrimage


Dear Empath,
I have been through it these past two days.
I had a great birthday (above pic) then I sunk into a jag of painful procrastination.

I dipped into old patterns of turning to food and Netflix to avoid discomfort. I didn’t get anything done and I didn’t rest either. 

In related news, Season 2 of The Good Place continues to deliver distracting laughs. 
I’ve felt stressed and stuck. It has not been fun.
So this morning, worn out from the drama, I turned to Energy in a journaling session to help me understand what’s going on.

I’ll share with you some excerpts:
When I feel I have to hurry up and do ALL THE THINGS do I get lonely for myself? Yes.
When I compare myself to others do I get lonely for myself? Yes
Does this kick up addictive behaviors? Yes.
In these last couple days did I slip back into an old familiar pattern that says other people have something I need and I don’t understand what it is? Yes
Do I start to believe that I need to understand their system right now for my survival? Yes
Do I believe it is critical that I learn it NOW? Yes
Is this true? No

Can I trust my own system? Yes
Just being in this conversation with Energy reconnected me to myself and a felt experience of Spirit. My insides calmed down. The eagerness that had abandoned me these past two days returned and bubbled up more questions.
Have I made a mistake? (To my surprise I get a Yes. It didn’t feel great so I asked more questions to better understand.) 
Was my mistake believing something that wasn’t true? Yes.
Did making this mistake serve a purpose? Yes
Is it being used as a catalyst for my own learning and growth? Yes
Have the last few days reacquainted me with the experience of struggle that I used to feel all the time so I am better able to explain how Energy has helped me work through my own human frailties? Yes
Ha! That’s funny to me because I had just started to beat myself up for the fact that years ago Energy told me to throw out dozens of journals where I documented my process of growing into trust with Energy. To be sure, it was an emotional and energetic release to let them go and has made my three moves since much easier.
But I was beginning to lament not having the stories they contained. I wanted to convey to you, dear reader, the journey I’ve been on to serve as an encouragement to you. I wanted to share all I grappled with and honestly a lot of that experience was feeling like a faint memory that was having difficulty retrieving.  
So I asked.
Was I wrong to throw out those journals? No
Will I be given every experience that I am to share at the perfect time when I need it? Yes
Wow, that’s a much more elegant solution then lugging around boxes and boxes of old journals. Yes!
Through this communing, I was released from my depressing confusion.

Here’s the advance I noticed: I was able to witness myself going through this funk without getting totally submerged in it like I used to. I was able to stay compassionate with myself as I experienced it.

And now I felt buoyant, and full of possibility.
I want you to be able to gain this kind of clarity that either lifts you out of your own inevitable personal funks or helps you understand the perfection of what you're experiencing while you're in it (which is usual the thing that lifts one out of a funk, CLARITY!).
That’s why I created the 30-day Energy Checking Intensive.
It is designed to give you the foundation you need to get to a place of safety within yourself where you can ask all the questions you have about your own path and receive all the assurances you need that you are on track.
Now, while your experience of interacting with Energy will be different from mine, there are some basic elements that are universal.
Let’s say you are planning a pilgrimage to a holy place. There are some essential things you need to know to get you there: pack underwear, you’ll need it. Book an airline ticket. Know where the airport is located. This information is critical to your being able to arrive at the site of your pilgrimage and function in that space. But your experience of visiting that holy site is entirely unique to you.
The point of this workshop intensive is to help you to arrive in a safe place within yourself where you are calm and trusting enough to receive ongoing guidance.
I will share the techniques, the approaches and the art of formulating questions that I have learned over the last decade. These are the tools which have given me the ability to understand the story I am living so I don't freak out when it's different than what I imagined it would be. 
I will also point out the predictable places where people get stuck so you don’t get tripped up early on in your journey.
It's like this: imagine you book an Uber to take you to the airport then put your phone in your bag on silent. You go outside and are disappointed and confused when the first car that passes by is not your Uber. So you give up, lug your suitcase back inside and wonder why it didn’t work and nothing good ever happens to you.
See how simple this is to solve? 

You just need to learn some more basic things about the app, USE the app, have a little patience, persistence and trust, and really, I swear, IT’LL WORK FOR YOU.
I’m eager for you to get to the place where you can have a conscious understanding of what is unfolding around you and sink deeper into trust and joy.
The upcoming 30-Day Intensive is a robust program that gives you all the support you need to learn the tools necessary for your journey to safety so you can catch that Uber, get to the airport, arrive at your holy site and have an incredible, life-changing pilgrimage.
More details can be found here (scroll down to "Option 4").

Have questions? Let’s discuss! Sign up here for a 30 minute conversation with me.
Much love,
P.S. Whoever sent me these Birthday flowers, you remain a mystery. THANK YOU. It added the perfect bit of magic that brightened my day.
P.P.S. Full circle. Was it procrastination I was experiencing these last two days? No. Was it a purposeful experience that has helped me along? Yes. Am I in danger of all the good habits I've developed falling apart? No. Okay, good to know.

Kathryn Lucatelli