I called all the medical intuitives I could get my sweaty palms on

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Dear Empath,
How would your life be different if you trusted your ability to receive spot-on answers to ALL the questions you have—about your decisions, your design and your healing?
It might seem impossible, but I’m telling you—cross my heart—this is something you can do. I’m living proof that it is possible because if I can do it, you TOTALLY can.
I was the biggest doubter-in-myself-er, yet I was so thirsty to know myself and make the right choices for ME. 
Twenty years ago, it didn’t even occur to me that the guidance I longed for—everything about my unique design and path forward—ALREADY EXISTED inside of me.
Rather, I actively and regularly sought this information outside of myself.
I frequently lost my voice recounting the same story over and over to different friends, soliciting their advice about what to do next. (So. Much. Conflicting. Advice. made me feel all the more stuck. I wasn’t able to filter it for what was actually right for me because I felt others’ perspectives were better than mine.)
I called all the medical intuitives I could get my sweaty palms on.
The information they shared during our sessions was profound and absolutely resonant with me. They gazed on the unique creation of me and conveyed what they saw with cherishing wonder. I left feeling deeply seen and happy with myself—I liked who I was filtered through the eyes of these wise, insightful, compassionate souls.
And it felt like an eternity between sessions.
Even though I recorded these sessions, transcribed them by hand, mined them for every single nuance and nugget of information they held, and combed over my meticulous notes repeatedly, it was never enough.
Because something else always came up—so whenever I found myself stuck in a life decision, I made another appointment, confident that I would get the answer about my next right step.

Once, I brought the ultimate relationship question to a medical intuitive: Should I stay or should I go?
“Notice I’m not telling you what to do,” she said. “You need to decide for yourself.”
“Do not leave me alone to steer this ship,” I thought. “I have no idea what I’m doing.”
I later poured through my piles of notes looking for clues for the right answer, coming up empty.
I didn’t realize I had given my power away, the power to access my own truth about my own self. I had outsourced getting to know myself. 
I had taken the guidance I received from these skilled intuitives as THE guidance, a truth for all time, rather than seeing it as a reading of a particular moment that would shift as my understanding evolved and situations changed.
Then I was introduced to Energy Checking. 
I learned I could receive personalized and trustworthy answers to all the questions of my heart at any time of day or night. I could be my own intuitive. No more outsourcing.
Mind. Blown.
However, while I LOVED this concept, I doubted my ability to actually carry it out, even as I yearned to calm the frantic parts of me that were always searching outside myself for the answers. And in my great longing and eagerness, I put so much pressure on my first attempts to receive a Yes or Noanswer. It felt like the whole world rode on the responses I got and I was very worried about doing it wrong. (It actually felt a little blasphemous that I was even trying!)
But I kept going.
When I had the courage to actually Energy Check, to ask my question and lean into the answer, it was a magical experience. I received previously unknown-to-me information, and following that guidance eased my life and my heart.
I will tell you that I didn’t get here instantaneously. I often wondered if my read of Energy was real. It felt foreign and difficult. But my persistent efforts gave way to incredible experiences that made me eager to keep using it and grow my capacity.
In my next email, I’ll share more about how I grappled with learning this new skill, and some of my early victories that spurred me on.
We have not been trained in how to get to know ourselves and how to access the guidance that is there for us ALL THE TIME. 
Energy Checking is a generative tool that allows you to get to know yourself and get clarity on what Love wants for you in each and every moment. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this stuff should be taught in schools. It is that fundamental to life.
Do you want to learn Energy Checking and/or grow your budding skills?
Because I want so much for you to have this powerful tool at your disposal, I’m offering a 30-day intensive course from October 22–November 20. (P.S. It’s the only one I’ll offer for the rest of this year!) In it, I share what I have learned through a decade of practicing Energy Checking.
This course will give beginners and continuing practitioners alike a leg up in working with this profound tool for tuning into their own inner guidance. It’s going to give you encouraging results and loads of material you can keep coming back to, all within the context of one-on-one support. (Click here to read the full workshop description, scrolling down to “Option 4: Energy Checking 30-day Intensive.”)
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You were born with all the information you need to come home to yourself; I can teach you how to get there, so you can stop outsourcing the map.
Much love,

Kathryn Lucatelli