The Now-vigator

Dear Empath, 
A while ago a friend called Energy Checking the Now-vigator and I thought that was perfect, because it’s true—it helps you navigate in the now.
Each question you ask has the potential to cause a shift within you that allows you to arrive in the next moment different that you were in the last. Being detachment from the answers you receive allows change to happen quickly.

Rather than jumping to conclusions about what the answers you receive mean, stay curious. 
Here’s a recent experience I had of staying in the now moment while Energy Checking and how it caused an unexpected pivot.
Brian and I were standing in the frozen section of the grocery store. He has a huge smile on his face because I had suggested he get some ice cream.

He loves ice cream and rarely eats it in front of me because he is exceptionally kind and super respectful of my decision of the last two years to cut sugar out of my diet.

But I’m starting to move away from a rigid structure around my food and am instead using Energy Checking to make decisions about what to eat.

So I asked: “Is it in my highest interest to get ice cream now?”

And I got a YES, which made me feel happy and open and free.

It felt like Energy was saying, “oh honey, you can have whatever you want!”

As I scanned the freezer to make my selection, I noticed within me that it was feeling like work. Nothing was really calling to me.

I checked again.

“Is it in my highest interest to get ice cream right now?” And the answer was a relieving NO.
If I had stopped checking in with Energy and myself after the first YES, I would have locked myself into carrying out a path that would have quickly become artificial.

How often do we do this? We get guidance once and we never check in about it again. We carry it out no matter what even if that is no longer our truth or the truth of the situation.
Sometimes an answer from Energy serves the purpose of simply giving you permission to freely access your truth.
Reflecting on my situation, if I first got a NO, I recognize that it would have felt confining. I likely would have made it mean that I couldn't trust myself outside of this rigid structure which would have felt disappointing and I likely would have railed against the NO in some way.
Energy always gives you the perfect answer in your particular moment. 

The YES opened me up to access what was really true for me in that moment: I didn’t actually want ice cream.

Whoa. Who knew?
Now, anyone who has struggled with a sugar addiction will tell you, that is a pretty huge pivot to make right in front of hundreds of choices of ice cream.

The key for me was staying detached and curious in the now moment while trusting that the answers I received were perfectly opening me up for the realizations and shifts I needed to have.

Over time I have cultivated the knowing that the answers I receive are leading me toward my highest good, even when I don’t fully understand them at first.

In my experience, it has taken work and practice to live in the now. And I am not always successful at it.

Often a backlog of beliefs keep you stuck in the past and fearful of the future, making it hard to feel safe within the now.

I routinely work to clear myself of these erroneous beliefs and I help clients all the time to do the same. Even clearing a single belief can give you a taste of what it is like to experience the freedom that exists in the now.

If you would like my accompaniment to help you clear what is holding you back from living in your now, you can apply to work with me.  

Much love, 

P.S. You can watch me talk about all of this in 9 minute video here

Kathryn Lucatelli