What to do when you get locked out. A cat helps us explain.

Dear Empath,

I have noticed a pattern in the stories Energy Checkers tell me.

These are people who have come to rely upon Energy Checking to navigate both the mundane and the profound in their daily lives. 

They all point to a moment when it clicked for them and they experienced Energy Checking as a way of getting real information.

Their stories trace a trajectory that goes like this:

  • They found themselves in a situational jam that caused them to ask questions of Energy in earnest.

  • They received clear answers!

  • Because they themselves were out of ideas about what to do next, they figured, what the heck, and followed through on the guidance from Energy.

  • Then, with excitement in their eyes and a bit of, oh my gosh can you even BELIEVE this, they describe to me their confirming experience of living the answers they received.

Sometimes their story includes real world happenings that would not have been possible without checking in with Energy.

Almost always their story includes internal shifts that are so personally meaningful, it takes them a while to give all the background context needed to convey the depth of the significance of what just happened. 

Marianne Williamson notes in Return to Love that, “...a miracle is just a shift in perception.” It's just a shift in perception. And it is a miracle. 

My nephew, Emmanuel, had one of these "it clicked" moments when we got locked out of the house on my last visit and used Energy to figure out what to do next to solve the problem.

Together, with the help of his cat, we share our adventure of how Energy guided us to get back in the house. 

It's these kinds of successes—where you have an irrefutable (to you) experience of asking questions and receiving answers—that sets the foundation for trusting your ability to Energy Check so you can be guided to outcomes and experiences beyond your imagining. 

Much love, 

Kathryn Lucatelli