A GIFT from our own Kathryn Lucatelli—a video series showing how the power-filled tool of Energy Checking can help each of us become more precise and clear about what choices in our daily lives help our own heart’s story grow and flourish. Kathryn has the most yummy and brilliant way of explaining how to use this amazing tool, in a way that makes it sooooo easy to personally use and benefit from. Talk about empowering! THANK YOU, KATHRYN!!!!    –Carole

Welcome! I'm excited that you're taking the first step to learn how to Energy Check! This skill will serve you for your whole life! Now, before you dive in, print out this workbook

In this video you will learn what Energy Checking is, different ways you can do it, as well as some beginning exercises to practice. Let's get started! 

Energy Checking 101

Energy Checking 102

In response to your questions, my friend Lorelei and made this second video to discuss more in-depth how Energy Checking works.


Energy Checking In Real Life: Sugar

And now take a look inside my own process of using Energy Checking, in real time, to gain clarity on what appears to be a pretty mundane thing.

At the start of this video I am ready to devour a whole bag of chocolate covered raisins. By the end, through Energy Checking a series of questions, I have an understanding of what is driving the craving. And so the craving, in that moment, disappears. Kind of amazing. This was before I discovered the freedom of Bright Line Eating

Watching me move through this moment will give you a window into the kind of language I use, the questions I ask and how I keep backing the questions up to get at the root of what’s going on.

A clarification before you start watching; In the beginning of the video I show you the method I’m using to Energy Check and I call my “middle finger” my “index finger.” WHOOPS. Just follow what I do, not what I say.