Energy Checking: Getting to the Bottom of a Sugar Craving

Here is a new Energy Checking video for you!

This is a good one.

You are going to see inside my own process of using Energy Checking, in real time, to gain clarity on what appears to be a pretty mundane thing.

At the start of this video I am ready to devour a whole bag of chocolate covered raisins. By the end, through Energy Checking a series of questions, I have an understanding of what is driving the craving. And so the craving, in that moment, disappears. Kind of amazing.

Watching me move through this moment will give you a window into the kind of language I use, the questions I ask and how I keep backing the questions up to get at the root of what’s going on.

A clarification before you start watching; In the beginning of the video I show you the method I’m using to Energy Check and I call my “middle finger” my “index finger.” WHOOPS. Just follow what I do, not what I say.

Okay, happy watching! It’s just 16 minutes long. Let me know what you’re learning in the comments below!