About Energy Checking

What Is Energy Checking?

Energy Checking is a method of accessing precise, holistic information about the world and your true self using your body–specifically, your muscles–as a receiver. In Energy Checking, you are inviting your mind, your body, your spirit, and your emotions–in all the glorious ways in which these different faculties understand informational inputs–to have a conversation about a higher-level reality, one that is made pure love and has your highest interest at the forefront. Far above what our rational minds can analyze and organize, Energy Checking is a way to get a 360-degree view of a situation, to access personal truth instantly and in the most gentle, loving way possible.

What Does It Look Like?

Practically speaking, Energy Checking looks like asking yes-or-no questions and looking to your muscles to give you a tangibly discernible answer from Energy. Muscle testing methods include pushing on your fingers, pulling your fingers apart, or feeling your whole body being pulled forward or backward.

I made you this video so you can see what I mean and how to do it. (It’s about 20 minutes long.)

How Do I, Kathryn, Use It?

For over seven years, I have been intensively studying Energy Checking, spending thousands of hours with my mentor, learning how to ask the questions that reveal my true self, my highest good, and the next stage of my growth. It has been like learning a new language–a mother tongue that is familiar to my spirit, but foreign to my brain, which is in need of step-by-step instruction.

Energy Checking has shown me a way to navigate my life through the eyes of Love, instead of my smaller self. Rather than being mired in inner confusion and painful misunderstandings, I now know how to discover my own answers within myself.

How Can You Use It?

Energy Checking is a way of determining your best move in any given circumstance. It can help you navigate everything, from where to go to what to wear. Here are some examples:

  • Decluttering: You want to know what to keep, what to throw away
  • You want to plan your day and don’t know what to do on your super long To Do list
  • You’ve got plans for the night and you’re on the fence about whether to go or not
  • You’re trying to navigate a new relationship and don’t know if you should stay or go
  • You’re navigating a new career path and don’t know what to do next
  • You’re confused about something that’s bothering you
  • You’re trying to eat better and want to know what foods are best for your body right now
  • You’re looking for a place to live
  • You are afraid somebody is really mad at you

There is no limit to how you can use this tool! After you learn it, you will wonder why you ever relied solely on your rational mind to go back and forth between all the options, always wondering/worrying if you made the right choice. It’s exhausting. And time consuming.

Energy Check With Me!

Energy Checking is something I love to teach! Seriously. If there was a stronger word than “love,” I would use it. I teach all my coaching clients how to use it, so they can check in with their own truths to fast-track their transformation.

Email me at kathryn[at]lucatelli.org to learn more about how to work with me.

Share Your Questions!

Getting into the process and having questions? Please! Email! me! at kathryn[at]lucatelli.org or leave a comment below–your sharing your questions helps me know what to explain further. In fact, your question may become my next how-to video!




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