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People have described me as insightful, compassionate, full of enthusiasm and easy to find in any building due to my very loud laugh. Joy is irrepressible, what can I say? And I know it’s inside you too. I have helped hundreds of people connect to their own center of Certified-1 copyirrepressible joy and navigate life with clarity and peace. I am a certified Martha Beck Life Coach with a deep practice in The Work of Byron Katie and the creator and facilitator of Step Into Your Light, a six-week intensive group program designed to help you identify and dissolve the negative beliefs that keep you from living your full potential. I also work with individuals. I coach overwhelmed professionals and otherwise busy people through a 5-step process to learn how to make confident and CLEAR decisions that are in alignment with their highest selves, so every choice becomes a step toward a life that fits. What is CLEAR? Is that a thing? I’m so glad you asked.

Clear out mind clutter to access intelligence far more sophisticated than your brain.

Learn to listen to this greater wisdom through reading signals from your body.

Elevate your understanding of life, to support a new, easy mode of decision-making.

Align with what’s unique about you, your highest purpose and values.

Release your decision. Trust. Act. Notice. With Clarity Coaching, you will learn how to make decisions that keep you moving forward and living your best life. The overwhelm doesn’t win. You do. You will be able to:

    • Access an intelligence far more elegant and sophisticated than your brain;
    • Clear out the mind clutter that complicates decision-making;
    • Get clear about and align with the unique things that make you you;
    • Live from a clear space; and
    • Make decisions that reveal and support your best life.

Sound good? I made this video for you:

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