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Kathryn Lucatelli Head Shot FullHi. I’m Kathryn Lucatelli.

I’m on a mission to help you discover what is keeping you from shining your brightest light in the world. Because the world needs you, being the you-est you you can be.

I’ve been called a lot of things–transformative personal coach, international development consultant, community builder, people person. I have worked all over the world doing community development because I believe in the unity of mankind. I love to listen to people and learn who they want to be, then help them articulate a plan to get there. This is why I’m a Martha Beck-trained life coach/facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie/teacher of the Enneagram model of human personality. Helping people to see their habitual mental and emotional patterns and move to new ways of being in the world is my jam.

Here is an example of me doing my thing:

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2 thoughts on “Meet Kathryn

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    Debi Circle
    Kathryn, I just watched your video on your experience in Cambodia. It was such a treasure to see this and the also the people of Cambodia. I love how you seem to walk into situations and experiences with your hands , heart and mind open to seeing where Spirit takes you, no agenda or expectations, and then seeing what unfolds. I am moving on to the next part of your website now, looking forward to what else you have posted. It gives me delightful energy and a warmth of your love.
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      kathrynlucatelli Post author
      Debi! Thank you for spending time here! Your reflections are really helpful to me in stepping back and seeing how this work has evolved. This project in 2009 was one of my first conscious experiences with what it's like to move through a day, a project, while being guided by and responsive to Spirit. The power of this experience was amplified because everyone easily moved into that shared sacred space together (culturally, it made sense to everyone). It all flowed so smoothly. It was remarkable how purposeful, calm and engaged I felt in the midst of what could have felt like a very big, overwhelming undertaking. The Energy Checking methodology I teach has its roots in this experience. I want to help others feel this same flow and ease while making their unique and meaningful contributions in the world.